The Candace's Pack Dog Rescue Show

Janice Wolfe

February 08, 2021 JP Mendoza Season 1 Episode 2
The Candace's Pack Dog Rescue Show
Janice Wolfe
Show Notes

In 2014 we adopted Candace without meeting her first.

Not knowing how to handle Candace’s fear and confidence issues, and desperate for help, we called a professional who introduced me to the world of dog psychology.

That professional was Janice Wolfe.

So it makes perfect sense that I invite her to be my first guest!

Listen in on this very personal story as we revisit our first consultation, what her first impressions of me were, and why it’s important for the human to change in order for the dog to change.

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Music by: Ed Taragano

Janice Wolfe

Merlin's KIDS, Inc.

Service Dogs for Special Kids

Shelter Dog to Service Dog

Founder/Executive Director 


Saving Dogs by Educating People


Master of Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation

United K9 Professionals, Inc.


Cancer and Disease Detection Dogs

Courtroom Counseling and Testimony Service Dogs

Institutional Service Dogs

Behavioral Intervention

Therapeutic Facilitation

Certified Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselor



"My Name is Wyatt" children's book series

Radio Show Host:

"For the Love of Dog"

"From Shelter Dog to Service Dog"