The Candace's Pack Dog Rescue Show

Lisa Chiarelli

March 08, 2021 JP Mendoza Season 1 Episode 6
The Candace's Pack Dog Rescue Show
Lisa Chiarelli
Show Notes

Lisa Chiarelli is the founder of Frankie, Lola and Friends Dog Rescue, a 501c3 nonprofit based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Listen to me pick her brain about her dog rescue process, how she uses her knowledge of dog behavior in rescue and why she’s not only selective with the dogs she rescues but also with the people who are interested in adopting from her. Plus she tells the stories behind her viral “The Dodo” video street rescues.

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The Dodo Videos mentioned in this interview:

Woman Tries to Rescue a Stray Pittie Every Day for 3 Weeks | The Dodo Faith = Restored

Woman Is Determined To Reunite Stray Dog With Her Puppies | The Dodo Faith = Restored

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