The Candace's Pack Dog Rescue Show

Kristina Barsalona

April 05, 2021 JP Mendoza Season 1 Episode 10
The Candace's Pack Dog Rescue Show
Kristina Barsalona
Show Notes

Kristina Barsalona is a Tacoma, WA based dog trainer and dog training workshop enthusiast. She’s trained with the best of the best including Cesar Millan, Cheri Wulff Lucas, Brian Agnew and Colleen Steckloff to name a few!

Listen to Kristina talk about why she prefers to keep her training business low key, which trainers she’s learned from the most and why she likes to specifically work with women and their dogs. Plus we talk about how to handle your dog while going through your own emotional issues.

Instagram @krisbars

Website: www.CPackDogRescue.Org

IG: @candacespackdogrescue


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Sanjay Garcia Pamaar

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